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A Daily Album

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Rating albums on a daily basis! Daily!
After a lot of drama from a certain thedailyalbum, which will remain nameless, we've decided to have our own community where dissent is tolerated. Sort of a Bill of Rights sort of thing. We do reserve the right to quarter soldiers in your houses during times of peace or war.

1) Don't be a jackass. This means no flames, personal attacks, or things of that sort. Netiquette, people. Netiquette.
2) Everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter how strong. This means you can feel free to trash an album you hate or write an essay on an album you love and no one is going to attack you personally for your opinion. As a matter of fact, we encourage long essay writing. People can, however, disagree with you for good reasons.
3) I'm not going to ban you for speaking your opinion or because they don't like you personally. Contact either of them if you have any issues.
4) We do take requests and will do our best to post all the requests given. Post your requests here.

You can see the back catalog of albums posted by viewing the community's memories.

rakimou used to post here every other day, but it looks like I'll be taking the reins here for the future.

Every week, the albums posted will be put up in an elimination poll, and the top album of each week will be picked, and from those the albums of the month, and so on. You can see the polls and results here.